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We all have to reduce costs, but in this highly regulated quality controlled industry, standards must be maintained.
Help is at hand, here with Prem Plus Dental Labs you can reduce your operational costs and actually improve your quality standards by consolidating your laboratory services with access to the best in Crown & Bridge, Orthodontics (including 3D Digital model storage and analysis), Prosthetics, Implantology & Attachments.


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Crown & Bridge

Years of technical expertise and experience allow us to provide bespoke aesthetic excellence at suitable costs to match.


We offer prosthetic solutions for all budgets to ensure we find the right one for you contact us today.


With the increasing demand for more permanent solutions to missing teeth, we offer a range of high quality solutions


Our Orthodontics Department was established in 1995. We cater for all organisations from well renown Hospitals and Orthodontic practices

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Digital Study Models:


OrthoPlus 3D allows your plaster models to be digitised, stored and can be analysed at anytime online. Digital Study Models offer advantages that include instant storage and retrieval, cleanliness and practice development benefits – its a great way to show your patients that they have entered a new era.

We can offer you complete bespoke solutions to your practice requirements.

OrthoPlus 3D is brought to you by the experts atPrem Plus Dental Labs so we have the experience and skills to support you all the way and help you to modernise and streamline how you work.


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