The Aligner

We completely understand that dental professionals have a 15 year history of delaing with Invisalign® and that it is only natural that the profession is reluctant to use the products of other companies. But now that Invisalign® is out of patent, we think the time has come to look at what’s available in the wider market.

It should not be assumed that Invisalign® have the monoploy on innovation. With new and well resourced suppliers determined to gain a foothold, we are seeing the pace of development accelerate, which we feel can only benefit patients. We firmly believe that genuine competition will bring patients superior products and better service. Here at PremPlus we pride ourselves at being in forefront of these advances. We talk to suppliers across the world to make sure the latest advances can be made available to your patients today. Specifically we are seeing great strides in the computer algorithms which help construct the treatment plans, reducing the number of aligners required, and potentially reducing treatment time and late-stage revisions. If the profession refuses to engage with alternatives to Invisalign®, that is only going to slow down advances in the technology.

That said, for patients able and willing to pay Invisalign’s premium price, Invisalign® might still be the one to choose, but we do feel that it must be in the intersts of the wider patient-community, to look at alternative suppliers for all those who cant afford Invisalign®.  There is frankly a massive unmet need for people wanting straighter teeth and if dental professionals choose to sit in Ivory Towers, refusing to give new products a chance, the net result will be to cede an ever larger share of the market to less scrupolus suppliers, many operating on a Direct-to-the-Consumer basis from locations outside the UK.

PremPlus is therefore delighted to offer interested dental professionals our new Aligner system NuAlignTM.

Enquire today to learn about the benefits NuAlignTM:

  • Dedicated Portal for the dental professional. Upload any digital impressions, and view and amend the patient’s proposed design.
  • Patient Portal so that patients can be shown an exciting animation of their expected treatment.
  • Unrivalled Aligner Clarity– for maximum aeasthetic appeal.
  • Snug-By-Design. We eliminate or minimise the need for attachments and engagers, massively improving the patient’s experience.
  • Benefit From Patient Referrals. We provide a nationwide dental laboratory service and we will be delighted to refer interested members of the public to the dental professionals we work with. Come on board now!
  • Fast and Efficient Service! Once we have the impressions- be those digital or analogue, we normally expect to set-up the plan within 1 working day, ready for the doctor and patient approval/ amendment, and subject to which you will receive the aligners within about a week or so; and rest assured we are working hard to reduce manufacturing times.
  • Full Techncial Support throughout the patient’s journey.
  • Free and Discounted Trials to get you started.
  • Great Prices that will make aligners an affordable solution to many more of your patients,

Remember, a happy patient is the best salesperson you can employ and above all else that is what we will help you to achieve!

What are you waiting for? Email to register your interest or ring our Orthodontic Director, Paul, today on 01942 893122 to discuss in detail how you too can Join The Revolution .