Did you know we make custom fit mouth guards for recreational and professional sportmen and women, available in a range of colours and designs.

Useful tip: for professional / organised sports, please be aware that some governing bodies may have rules about what colours / designs are acceptable when participating in matches / bouts etc. For example professional boxers should avoid red or white coloured guards; this is because red might not show up any bleeding, and a white guard could make it harder for the referee or corner-men to spot if the mouthguard falls out. Also professional boxers must have at least two mouthguards available when boxing in a professional match.

Custom-fit mouth guards available in a range of colours, designs and thicknesses. These were made for an aspiring and promising professional boxer, for his debut bout in May 2019.

Article updated 14/05/2019:-

Turns out our boxer didnt really need his mouth guard as he KO’d his opponent in less than 2 minutes. We would not want to be on the receiving end of this punch without the protection of a top quality PremPlus mouth guard!

When only the best will do, Pros rely on PremPlus everytime!

A premium quality mouth guard is like insurance, crucial to have it but you hope not to need it! We just hope the opponent had a guard as good as the one our boxer sported! Congrats for a splendid victory whilst wearing a winning PremPlus guard. Full bout here.