Dental Grade Silicone Putty- CE Certified. Bulk purchase. 30 x Base & Catalyst In Handy Paired Sealed Tubs (To Fill One Dental Tray)

£135.00 Ex VAT. (£162.00 Inc VAT)

CE Approved paired sealed 25g tubs of silicone dental impression putty.


Supplied to us directly from the factory.


Factory sealed.

Ideal for tele-dentistry.

30 pairs of 1 x sealed tub of base and 1 x sealed tub of catalyst, to fill 1 dental tray.

Weight per pair including container = 60g approx.

We have used this product for several years and found it to be a very good grade of silicone putty from an extremely reliable supplier.

Minimum order is 30 pairs.

30 pairs of dental grade silicone putty £4.50 a pair+VAT, for 30 pairs – £135.00 (+VAT of £27.00)(+pp £7.00pp)(=£169.00 Total).

For orders of 500 or more pairs, please speak to us first.

[The product photo is for demonstration purposes- impression tray not included].

Data Sheet


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